The place where young ladies can discover inner beauty and their life's purpose

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Beauty Soul Deep was founded by Chastity Fleming in January 2016 which started off as a social conversation between friends and 
became an official 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in January 2017. Chastity began BSD with the intention to connect, motivate and inspire young women to love themselves and strive for their very best. Coming from the foster care system due to abuse, BSD has become the voice of Chastity and her personal knowledge of life’s struggles whereby this motivation to help other women find their voice. BSD provides services to local schools, and mentor-ship of young women and girls through the program. BSD also provides variety of personal and professional development workshops. BSD aims to have our young women inspire, empower, and serve their community through networking and philanthropy. 
About Us


Our mission is to influence a young lady decision on life that would allow them to influence other young ladies.

Health & Human Services

We offer many classes on cultivating great grooming habits, STD prevention, Counseling for Suicide and Abuse, Anti-Bullying Courses, Mentorship

Cultural Competence

Becoming educated in one own's culture and developing positive attitudes towards other cultures.

Community Service

We are here to support our community with meals, parties for foster care children, care packages for deployed soldiers, etc.


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  • Killeen, Texas, United States